About this Photographer

My name is David Constante and I'm a photographer based in San Antonio, Tx.

A little bit about this little family here. I'm 9 years married to my wife, Jennifer, as of 2019, who also is a San Antonio makeup artists and great mother to our two boys. These two little guys are wild. Love it. They have their unique personalities and definitely take on different interests. My oldest has characteristics of an engineer and loves to create and build, while my youngest loves cars and is very bold.

I like a good sci-fi, margartias, pizza, and maybe anything with cheese. I'd love to travel but my wife and I tend to be happy where we're at. Travel for us is 2 hours away (lol). But I am open to travel if you'd have me photograph your adventure. Just sayin!

If you've found yourself at my website and stuck around this far, I'm hoping that you like what you see and that I've inspired you to build your story through the images I've taken. After all I love what I do and would love to help you.



“You exceeded our expectations.”